Our Ethical Hacking EBooks

If you thinking about start your hacking journey and start hacking only using your android device then you are on right place try our E-Books and i believe you can learn a lot form it and it's not too costly .

Why Choice Our E-book :- 

Because we described all the topics in simple language so a 10 year kid can read it and we only give 'How To' methods so you can directly apply all methods after reading. So don't waste your time in search "How To" on Google or YouTube.

Basic Questions :-

Q1. Can we hack any social media account if i buy this ebook?

Ans. If you buying our ebook for revenge purpose then you can't.

Q2. Can we use all methods given in ebook without rooting android?
Ans. Yes !

Q3. How much time it takes to learn all things?
Ans. It's totally depends on your interest But you can learn it within a week.

Q4. How much knowledge  i gain from this ebook?
Ans. It's depends upon how much you interested in exploring things.

Hacking Like Watch Dogs v1.0(2019)

  • Introduction To Hacking
  • Android Tricks and Tips
  • Hacking With Android
  • Termux Basics
  • Termux Tools and Scripts
  • Hacking With Termux

Special Price Only 100Rs.

Hacking Like Watch Dogs v2.0(2020)

  • Termux Installation and Setup
  • Web Application Testing With Termux
  • Metasploit Framework - Master
  • Amazing Termux Tools
  • Social Engineering
  • Google Dorks
  • Automation Scripting

Special Price Only 200Rs.

You can buy our EBooks from here