How To Increase Your PC RAM Using Pendrive

Hey, guys come back with another post in which am going to teach you "How to increase your computer or pc RAM" using a Pendrive. Basically, we are going to swap the memory of Pendrive then which acts as computer RAM.

Step 1

  • Firstly insert the Pendrive > Now right click on your Pendrive Open properties
  • Note- Pendrive should be completely empty

Step 2

  • Now you need to browse to ReadyBoost Tab

Step 3

  • Then switch to Use this drive and reduce your current memory space
  • If your Pendrive has 4GB then always keep 100-200 MB less.

Step 4

  • Then click on Apply button and all Done.

Note- This will only work if you have 6GB or less then 6GB of RAM on your PC

I hope this information is helpful for you and if you found something interesting then please do share with your friends and relatives. Thanks for visit have a nice day.