Hackersking is one of the leading consumer technology websites aimed at helping people understand the Internet and technology better and more securely.

At Hackersking, we serve the hottest cyber security news and guides through our website, eBooks, and Practical courses. We try to help our audience to learn about daily updated security and the newly discovered cyberspace on the Internet.

We Are On A Mission To Touch Every Tech Consumer's Life By Teaching More About The Internet And Security.

Founded In 2019 by Mohit Saran as an effort, then turned into a passion and later into a responsibility to help people use technology in a more secure way and prevent people from unethical circumstances.

As per current stats, Hackerskig is catering to more than 1 million monthly users combined on all our platforms and growing rapidly. Our audience consists of end consumers of technology, ethical hackers, geeks, and influencers.

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