How To Send Free Anonymous Message To Any Number

Hello and welcome back friends today am going to show you how to send anonymous text messages or SMS using your android or computer free of cost in which you don't need to give any details like your Email or Phone number so it's hard to catch the sender. So if you guys excited then let's get started.
Here we use the different free websites to send anonymous text messages or SMS in which we just need to enter the target number and our message for him/her. Some websites didn't allow you to send any URL in the message and they also send their website link with the message as a watermark or something like that. Here is the list of some websites I used:-
  • Way2sms
  • 160by2
  • Fullonsms
  • Globfone
  • Sms440
  • Indyarocks
  • Atrochatro
  • Jaxtr
  • Site2sms
  • Txt4free
  • Mysmsindia
These are the top websites to send free SMS messages worldwide. I hope this information is helpful for you and if you have any questions or know any good website to send free SMS then feel free to comment below. Thanks for the visit have a nice day.