Th3inspector best tool for Information Gathering

Information gathering is the first step of penetration testing or ethical hacking in which the tester gathers information about the target as much as possible using different methods depending on the target machine or behavior. So today I introduce you to a very useful tool for information gathering which provides you all in one information-gathering tools kit.


The3inspector tool is an all-in-one information-gathering tool kit to gather information about Phone Numbers, Emails, Websites, etc. You can use it in your Linux system and also on your android Termux.

git clone https://github.com/Moham3dRiahi/Th3inspector
cd Th3inspector && chmod +x install.sh
cd Th3inspector && bash install.sh

Windows Installation

  • Download Perl
  • Download Th3inspector and extract it on Desktop
  • Open CMD (window + r, then type cmd and hit enter) and run the following command
cd Desktop/Th3inspector-master/
perl Th3inspector.pl
Now the banner of the Th2inspector tool showed on your CMD, select the options and enjoy the tool. I hope this information is helpful for you, if you still face any errors then feel free to comment below.