WishFish v3.0 All Error Fixes And New Features Added | Latest Update 2022

Everyone message or mailing me about WishFish Ngrok Error in which user not able to generate any URL and if somehow manage to get Ngrok URL then it shows tunnel error, so today am going to introduce you to the latest update of WishFish tool in which all error fixed and some new features provided. Hope you're excited then let's get started.

Bug Fixes & New Features Added

  • Ngrok Tunnel Error Fixed
  • Sub-Domain Added
  • Live-Meeting Page Added
  • Live YouTube Page Added(Custom)
  • Festival Wishing Page Added(Custom)

Install & Use

git clone https://github.com/kinghacker0/WishFish
cd WishFish && bash wishfish.sh
Now, wait until all the required packages are automatically installed, then go to ngrok.com and sign up there to get authtoken and paste it in tools when you choose Ngrok option.

I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still face any errors then feel free to comment below. Have a nice day.