Make Spoof Calls Using Any Phone Number | Call Spoofing

Spoofing techniques are the most powerful attack in cybercrime or hacking because in this process there is no need for any social engineering or interaction of the victim involved in it and spoofing can be cause major crime and you can be in prison for years.

There are many aims behind this spoofing like: Fun or prank, tricking victims, blackmailing, etc. and the side spoofing can be also used for ethical purposes like cyber investigations, stopping callbacks, prevent from spamming, etc. Basically, it can also provide you one more layer of security and spoofing also used by many big companies.

How To Spoof Calls

So here the actual game begins,  There are two my tasted applications that can spoof any number but you get some credit free in it and make spoofed calls but after that, you need to buy credit and vice-versa. Here are apps:
You just need to download the application and it required no registration for Indycall application but in the case of SpoofCard

you have to register with your actual phone number.

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