Fix Ads.txt Issue Of Blogger AdSense 2022 Working Method

Google Adsense updates are really impactful on our earnings and especially for the bloggers like me who are working on Blogspot free hosting by google. So basically in previous months Adsense account showed an error like "Earnings at risk - You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue." and this is a really frustrating thing because I already have configured the ads.txt settings on my blogger dashboard settings.

So after updating the ads.txt file many times and waiting many weeks, still my Adsense account showing this error. I tried to search on YouTube and google but did not find any working method so try to figure out the actual root problem of this error by self-investigating things and observing where things are getting wrong. 

So I find out after some hours that the actual root cause of this ads.txt issue is the naked domain (https://domain.com), basically, Adsense explained in their guide to set ads.txt that we have to set the ads.txt file at the root level with the naked domain (https://domain.com/ads.txt) but blogger doesn't support to access their pages with nake domain and user have to enter full domain with www to access ads.txt (https://www.domain.ads.txt

Adsense doesn't crawl www.domain.com/ads.txt to verify the ads.txt file instead verify at https://domain.com/ads.txt. 

To fix this problem we have to redirect all the naked links (https://domain.com/ads.txt) to (https://www.domain.com/ads.txt) by following the given steps:

  • Go to Cloudflare's official website and Log In there
  • In the dashboard click on add a site button
  • Enter your site domain as required and then change your name server with Cloudflare name server in domain DNS 
  • Once you did the above processor then you have to wait a few minutes until Cloudflare is integrated with your domain.
Once your website shows lives on the dashboard of Cloudflare then follow the given steps to redirect the naked domain of your website:
  • Clock on websites and then select your domain
  • Click on the Rules option from the list of given options
  • Click on create a page rule
  • Enter your naked domain (https://domain.com) in the URL field
  • Choose Forwarding URL from Pick a setting option
  • select 301 permanent forward and enter your full domain (https://www.domain.com)
  • Click on save and deploy
Once this step is completed now you can wait a few minutes and check that (https://domain.com/ads.txt) redirecting to (https://www.domain.com/ads.txt) and hopefully it works. 

I hope this information is helpful for you and don't forget to join our telegram community for the latest updates. Until next time, have a good day.