Powerful Secret Cyber Tech Apps For Android

Applications nowadays are more powerful than you ever think, there are millions of new applications daily uploaded on the Internet and we always recommend our audience to download these android applications only from trusted sources because updating technology also leads to a new type of cyber-crimes. So today I'll introduce you to some powerful cyber-tech android applications that can be really helpful for you and also provide security to your device.


While we install an application on our android device, that may be a Game, Productive, Utilities, etc. any kind of application then that application must require some permissions like storage, camera, microphone, etc. and 70% of the users directly allow that permission in order to use the application, but these may result in your device hack.

Even 30% of applications available on the play store may also include malware in their package, So the Vigilante application shows you a system alert notification whenever an installed application on your device accesses any kind of permission. 

This application focuses on your privacy and alerts you when third-party installed applications access anything on your device.

Digilux - Gestures for phone brightness

Smartphones that come with a wider screen are very useful for streaming multimedia and games and the user has a very amazing experience while reading or browsing on wider screen devices.

The problems occur when we use the wider screen smartphones because we have to use both hands in case we want to click on a corner or press any kind of button. It is a very frustrating thing for the user and spoils our interest in wider screen devices.

The Digilux application enhances one-handed phone usage of your device by providing different types of external useful features.

NetShare - No Root

This application is especially for users who just want to use WiFi as well as a Hotspot on their device. While you're connected to a WiFi network then it's not possible to turn on a mobile Hotspot and share the Internet with another user in a sequence because smartphone companies don't provide this kind of feature in their device.

The NetShare application can enable WiFi and Hotspot at the same time on your smartphone android, even your device doesn't have the root access.

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