My Instagram Account was Disabled for No Reason! Get It Back 2022 Working Method

I daily get tonnes of messages regarding “My Instagram Account Disabled, How To Enable It Again” and it’s really a frustrating thing to get our personal account or page banned in which our lots of memories, important chats or messages, Images and videos and all of our friends who are connected with us only on Instagram are also gone with our account.

So if you facing any problem like these:

  • My Instagram account get banned
  • How to recover a disabled Instagram account
  • How to fix the disabled Instagram account problem
  • How to re-enable a disabled Instagram account
  •  Someone Hacked my account and changed their recovered Phone number or email

Then in this article, I’ll explain to you every possible way that can recover your Instagram account in 90% of cases.

So first of all you need to be relaxed and don’t make things more complicated by doing mistakes like creating a new account with the same details or creating a new account with a disabled account email and phone number. First of all, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Instagram Login page and try to log in with your disabled account credentials.
  • Then a popup of error shows about “Your account is disabled” click on learn more link shown there.
  • Now you have to fill out a form for recovery (make sure to enter rights details)
  • In the additional comment box write or copy-paste the paragraph given below.


I think it’s a mistake of disabling my Instagram account @username because my lawyer goes through all of your Instagram policies and find that I don’t violate any of them. Please enable my account as fast as possible.

Thanks, and waiting for a positive response.

After some hours your account is activated again and you can access it just make sure to delete the post that you find may violate any of your Instagram policies because maybe in the future your account can be disabled again.

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