What is Termux? Can We Actually Do Hacking Using It!

A rapidly growing term in the field of cyber security and hacking in previous years is “Termux”. If you are already familiar with it or even completely unaware of this topic, still this information is really going to be life-changing for the people who are interested in the field of hacking.

Table of Content

  • What is Termux
  • How to download the Termux
  • Is Termux safe for android
  • How to use Termux
  • Can we hack using Termux

What is Termux

Termux is basically an android application (apk) that can provide a Linux-like terminal on your android device in which you can set up a programming environment and run or execute scripts like python, bash, git, etc.

How to download the latest Termux

Termux application is available on the Google Play store but the latest package has some missing repositories which lead to limited features access to Termux.

But you can download a working Termux version with fully featured access from the FDroid website(Our recommended).

Is Termux safe for android?

Termux's official apk file is completely safe for android and it is also safe to use Termux if you know what you are doing with it. If you execute an untrusted piece of code or script on your android Termux then it may cause the security of your device. 

Termux doesn't require any special permission on your device itself, but if you want to access your device storage in your terminal then it required access permission.

How to use Termux

This application basically provides you Linux like command line terminal on your android so if you have basic knowledge of the command line interface then you can easily use it.

If you want to learn Termux from a beginner or scratch then you can read from this PDF eBook. 

We have also written an eBook guide for hacking in which you learn complete android hacking from completely zero level to advance in simple English language.

Can we hack using Termux?

Yes, you can perform different hacking attacks using android Termux and use some of the widely used powerful hacking tools like Metasploit, Nmap, SqlMap, etc.

There are thousands of tools/scripts available on GitHub used for social engineering, network pen-testing, etc. We also coded different hacking tools available on our GitHub that you can also use on your Termux.


If you are a person who likes to do pen-testing or ethical hacking using your android then Termux is the best application that provides you Linux-like Terminal on your android.

Note: Our aim through this article/blog is to provide information about the Termux application for educational purposes only.

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