WiFi Kill(Root) - Kickout Anyone From Wifi Network

Android is a powerful operating system for mobile phones in all ways like Gaming, Multitasking, Cameras and even Hacking and when you have rooted android (Root Access Of Android) then things can be more powerful than ever.

In this article, we are introducing you to a powerful android application that can be one of the top hacking applications for rooted android known as WiFi Kill.

WiFi Kill

It is a powerful application as its name states that “WiFi Killer”, which means the user can kill or kick out other devices connected to a WiFi network using this application with root access on android.


Note: You must need to provide root access to this application and it may not work on the latest Wifi or devices.

If you don’t have don’t know how to root your android device then check out this article for a complete step-by-step rooting guide.

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