What Happens If You Try To Use A Smart Watch (Non-Apple) With An iPhone?

Smartwatches are one of the top rapidly growing gadgets in the world because of their quick access features for SMS, Calls, etc., and because they help you focus on your work more productively while saving every minute.

So in this article, I’ll give you my honest reviews of the non-Apple Smartwatches that I tried to configure and use with my iPhone.

What Happens If You Try To Use A Smart Watch (Non-Apple) With An iPhone?

I am an iPhone user and got interested in Smartwatches some weeks ago and decided to buy one, but I don’t have the budget to purchase a New Apple Watch, so I decided to purchase a non-Apple Watch.

I purchased Gizmore LY726D for 2000 INR (In Special Offer) with 6 Months of warranty. The features are as following:

Calls & Message Notifications

Answer/Reject Call | Dail Numbers

Working Time: 2 Days with Calling

Working Time: 7 Days Without Calling

Charging Time: 2 Hours

Calories Burn: Hydration Alert

Weather Update

Magnetic Charging Cable

Controlling Application: Download and Upload Wallpapers

Yes, all features are really amazing and worth purchasing, but if you’re an Android user and an iPhone user, “don’t purchase a non-Apple product like a smartwatch for your iPhone.”

These Smart Watches require running their applications in the background to update your watch for notifications and tracking, iPhones don’t allow an application to update in the background 24/7 so your watch will show you the wrong time and details as it is not able to update frequently by the device that is connected.

I hope this feedback is helpful for you and make sure to stay connected for future updates.