YouTube To Use AI To Allow Dubbing In Other Languages

YouTube, the popular video streaming site, is planning to integrate a new AI-powered tool that will make it easier for creators to dub their videos in multiple languages and help them reach broader international audiences.

YouTube To Use AI To Allow Dubbing In Other Languages

In the past, video creators had to collaborate with third-party dubbing providers directly to create their audio tracks, which was either too difficult or too costly. The new AI-powered dubbing service will allow them to dub their videos at no additional cost, making video dubbing easy and cost-effective for a wide range of video creators.

How Will YouTube AI Dubbing Work?

Aloud assists creators by transcribing, translating, and narrating their videos. It allows them to “quickly and easily dub their videos into multiple languages, unlocking knowledge that might be trapped in a single language today,” says Aloud’s website.

Before dubbing a video into another language, this tool first transcribes the video and then allows the creator to review and edit the transcription. Later, the tool finally translates and generates the video in the selected language before being published by the creator.

How Will It Benefit Creators?

Aloud can be very useful for video creators who speak limited languages, as this tool will allow them to add multi-language dubs to their videos.

Availability Of YouTube AI Dubbing

Aloud currently has access to a small number of languages. At present, the tool only supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese for translation purposes, with more languages coming soon.