Actual Virtual Machine Software For Android To Run Different Computer Operating Systems

You probably know some ways to temporarily or permanently different computer-based operating systems on Android smartphones by using remote software or connecting with a server.

But if we see technically then it's not the stable way or not an actual way to use an operating system by installing or setting up their complete file on Android like we do in our computer/laptop using virtual machines or virtual box software.

In this article, I'll show you how to install or set up a complete operating system like Linux or Windows on your existing Android using powerful virtual machine software.

You need to have the following requirements before diving into the process:

  • Visit the Vectras VM website and download virtual machine software compatible with your Android device version.
  • Operating System File (If Vectras VM doesn't contain it)
Now you just have to import the OS file in the Vectras VM software and click on the run button to begin the installation and use it.

I hope this short and simple guide might be helpful for you, if you want to learn hacking but don't know where to start join our Hacking like watchdogs and get started into offensive real-world hacking..