Instagram Account Information Gathering With Inshackle Tool

Hi ! guy's 80% of the peoples want see into private Instagram accounts and due to Instagram high privacy its seems difficult. So today am going to show you how to collect information like profile picture , Increase followers, Unfollow Track, Download List of followers, etc. So excited let's get started.


  • Terminal
  • Internet Access

Installation of Inshackle 

Just follow give commands.

$ apt install git -y (if have git then skip this step)

$ git clone

It's done


First you need to create fake Instagram account and follow given commands

$ cd inshackle

$ bash

Now select your options and use it

I hop you guys enjoy this information and if you found something interesting and want more stuff then follow us and stay connected with us. Thanks for visit and have a nice day.

Note :- You can also use for download full size instagram account profile picture.

Mohit Saran (Hacker's King)