How To Use Ngrok Server In Termux (Error Fixed 100%)

Hello and welcome back friends we are coming back with another exciting tutorial in which we learn how to use or download the Ngrok server in Termux on your android smartphone. Just follow the simple steps given below.

1. Sign up at ngrok.com.
2. Download ngrok file.
3. Now you need to move this ngrok file in termux by going to termux app information > Permissions > Allow storage permission.
4. Open termux and type given commands.
$ cd /sdcard
$ ls
Now navigate to your ngrok file folder and move ngrok file to termux by typing following command.
$ mv ngrok $HOME
Once you successfully moved ngrok file in termux then type given commands to setup it.
$ ./ngrok authtoken ******************* (Copy your auth token from ngrok website and paste it in place of stars). 

Turn on your hotspot and type given command to verify if your ngrok file is wokrs.

$ ./ngrok tcp 4444

Now, wait it shows your online status as shown in image given below.

It's done now you can use this file to host ngrok server and i hope this information is helpful for you if you find something informative on our website then make sure to subscribe us for future updates. Thanks for visit have a nice day.