Network Spoofer For Network Pentesting

Network Spoofer is a powerful pentesting application which allows you to perform MITM Attack to the other device connected on same Wifi network.


  • Redirection
  • Script Injection
  • Change Image files
  • Change Download file
  • Capture and spoof packets
Note:- You must have root access in android device to run this application.

How to download

Its very simple just click on any banner ad and copy the url of opened site paste in box given below and click on download button.

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  1. i did not understand this process :> How to download which is located on this page
    so please can anyone tell me which process use for download this tool ?
    just click on any banner means which banner use for get a link to download
    Thanks in advanced

    1. It means click on any of the shown ads and then copy the url of opened site and paste in given box and click on download button

    2. Thanks for this suggestion ,Now i downloaded this application