Crash Chrome Link List 2020

Hi guys we are come back with another excited blog post in which we going to introduce you with the list of crash chrome links which actually works in 2020. So you can crash your friend browser or hang chrome browser for prank with them and show them who is real boss (Just kidding :p). So excited let's get started.

So first of all we clear that what is the actual role of this links. This links are provided by officially from chrome for debugging purposes only but peoples use it for prank with their friends or relative and this links doesn't damage victim browser so if you thinking to use it for taking revenge then forget about it and if you want to prank with your friends and relatives then feel free to use it.
  • chrome://badcastcrash/
  • chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz/
  • chrome://crash/
  • chrome://crashdump/
  • chrome://kill/
  • chrome://hang/
  • chrome://shorthang/
  • chrome://gpuclean/
  • chrome://gpucrash/
  • chrome://gpuhang/
  • chrome://memory-exhaust/
  • chrome://ppapiflashhang/
  • chrome://gpu-java-crash/
  • chrome://java-crash/
  • chrome://quit/
  • chrome://restart/
This are the list of links which is officially provided by chrome for debugging purposes and you can also use it in your way like for become pro in chrome browsing and i hop this information is helpful for you and if you guys really enjoy this article then follow us for future updates or posts. Have a nice day.
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Mohit Saran(Hacker's King)