Make Access On WhatsApp Accounts With Phishing Attack !

Now-day's whatsapp is the one of top ranking social media around the world and everyone use it and we also know whatsapp have end to end encryption so we can't use whatsapp account in two devices anonymously but we can create a temporary session using whatsapp web feature. So how it is possible to access someone's account and how attacker or hacker make access on victim whatsapp account using most easiest and popular Phishing Attack.

In WhatsApp-Phishing hacker or attacker send a fake login page of whatsapp to victim and once victim enter their phone number and OTP (One Time Password) then attacker or hacker can retrieve it and access victim account.


  • Apache Server
  • Ngrok
  • Root

Installation Of WhatsApp-Phishing

$ git clone https://github.com/Ignitetch/whatsapp-phishing
$ cd whatsapp-phishing
$ sudo bash Whatsapp.sh

Now enter your details and it will generate a phishing link for you send it to victim and phish their credentials.

Note :- This information is only for educational purpose and  we don't promote any illegal activities use on own risk.

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