How To See Incognito History & How To Delete It

Hello and welcome back friends I come back with another blog post in which we are going to introduce a method that is used to extract the browsing history of your computer using the command prompt.
When we browsing the internet on any public WiFi or somebody's computer then we use incognito mode for better privacy and security so our browsing history or cookies not stored in the browser. But it's possible to see incognito browsing history in any computer using the given method.

See Incognito History:-

1. Go to the search bar and type "cmd"
2. Run command prompt as administrator
3. Type "ipconfig/displaydns>(Any path)\history.txt"

Clean Incognito History:-

  1. Just type " ipconfig/flushdns " and press enter
I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment below. Have a nice day thanks for your visit.

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