Free Recover Data From Format Pen Drive Or Hard Disk Using Foremost

In this guide we are going to introduce you to the most powerful open-source forensic tool Foremost. It is the most powerful data recovery tool I have ever seen using this tool you can recover video, audio, image, doc, etc. files. Hope you going to enjoy this post.

Installation Of Foremost

  • You need to have a Linux system on your computer to install Foremost
$ sudo apt-get install foremost
  • Now wait for the finishing of the installation process
$ foremost -h
  • Now all helping commands of Foremost showed on terminal


  • Plugin your Hard Disk or Pen Drive in your computer
  • Check the file path of your plugin disk using the given command
$ fdisk -l
  • Copy the name of your plugin disk or drive (Example:- sda/sdb1)
$ foremost -t(file types) mp3, jpeg,pdf -q(quick scan) -i sda/sdb1(drive or disk) -o /root/Desktop/Output (Output folder)

The speed of recovering data depends upon your system spices and the size of data + Hard disk or drive. I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any questions or know any better free tool to recover data then comment below. Have a nice day.