Use ADB With Just Knowing IP Address Of Android

Hey guys, I am back with another exciting article and today am going to show you how to get the ADB (Android Development Bridge) shell of any android with just knowing their IP address. So hope you guys going to enjoy this post and learn something new.

First of all we clear that only one time we need to connect target android with a computer (Installed Kali and ADB package) with a USB cable and enable USB dubbing in android and it may take about 10-30 seconds. Just follow the steps given below.


  • Kali Linux With ADB Package
  • Target Android (For few seconds)


  • Connect android with the computer using a USB cable
  • Enable USB dubbing of android device


  • Check if the target device connected successfully using the given command
$ adb devices
  • Start adb shell using given command
$ adb shell
  • See and copy the IP address of android using the given command
$ ifconfig
  • exit the adb framework
$ exit
  • Now make reverse TCP connection with the android
$ adb tcpip 4444
  • Now everything is done and you can unplug the USB cable


  • Run the given command to get adb shell of android
$ adb connect (PasteAndroidIP):4444

Now you get adb shell of that android and I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any question then feel free to comment below. Have a nice rest of the day.

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