Find Direct Download Links Using Bing Dorking


Whenever I tried to download any latest movie, web shows, anime, etc. there are many websites available at the top rank of google, But whenever I visit any of the websites and try to download files it may redirect me to another page which shows lots of ads, fake download buttons, malicious links. etc. and it's hard to find original direct links to download anything from the Internet.

So today I'm going to introduce you to the python tool or script available on Github which is basically coded for brute-forcing purposes but a bouns option or bing Dorking is provided by the owner. I tried to read the code and extract dorking code from the script but the owner of that script encrypted the file.


It is the process of extracting direct files or databases using powerful search engines like Google or Bing, In which the user enters some unique keywords with the name of file or data so it's directly indexed on the top of search engines. You can learn more about google Dorking for now we proceed to the tool.


It is the python based script which able to brute-force different famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and especially for Facebook data extraction. You can read the installation and use it from this article.

Bing Dorking With Firecrack

Once you successfully executed the script on your Terminal then go for the Bing Dorking option and enter the name of file or data you like to find, for example, I put a string like "Mr.Robot" (It's a web show based on hacking and cybersecurity)  then wait for few seconds and it gives you a list of dorks contains that string and easily found direct download link of Mr. Robot. 

I hope this information is helpful for you and if still have any doubts then feel free to comment below. Thanks, until next time.