Python Automate Tool Firecrack For Password Cracking, Information Gathering, Scrapping, Bing Dorking.

Firecrack is really powerful python coded tool that will help you in performing different techqniues like: Data Scraping, Information Gathering, Password Cracking, Bing Dorking or Doxing.

You can do various of things using Firecrack python tool but we are just demostrating Facebook bruteforce in this article guide.

The first thing you should be aware of when considering hacking into someone else's account is that the initial stage is to gather as much victim information as you can (like Mobile number, Email ID, Pet name, Vehicle number,. etc) Once you have collected, proceed with the instructions listed below.


  • Bash Terminal or Termux in Android (No Root)

Tools or Scripts Used

You need to install two tools 1st is Cupp and 2nd is FB-Crack which helps you in givens ways.

Cupp - It helps you to create a wordlist by asking different questions about victims to you. which gives a guess passwords list in the .txt file. It is called a wordlist file.

Firecrack - It helps you to crack a password by attempting different guess passwords from your wordlist to a particular Facebook account.


1. Frecrack
apt install mechanize -y
git clone https://github.com/Ranginang67/Firecrack

2. Creating Wordlist

git clone https://gthub.com/Mebus/cupp
cd cupp
chmod +x cupp.py
./cupp.py -h

It shows you different options and uses them as you want

Password Cracking 

Open a new session and type the following commands

cd Firecrack
pip2 install -r requirements.txt
python2 firecrack.py
Now enter victim phone no. or victim id copied from Facebook profile excepting facebook.com domain and paste wordlist txt file path and press enter.

Note:- It totally depends on your wordlist the time of password cracking and the rate of success

I hope this article is helpful for you, if you want to be a hacker even you don't have any coding skills, learn complete hacking from scratch.