Find Phone Number Linked With A Instagram Account

Is someone on Instagram pretending to be you? or someone using a fake account for hate speech or blackmailing you or someone you know, you are done with many video tutorials on youtube that claims they can find who is behind the fake account.  In this article, I'll completely explain to you everything that it takes to deal with any Fake account anywhere on the Internet.

Before diving into this theory you must have patience, determination, etc. whatever you called because this going to be a long process I promise you this theory is work if you are lucky and smart enough to follow all the steps which I going to explain. So without wasting more time let's get started

Step 1

To begin with first of all you need to know the name of the person whose number you trying to find and also you need to know which state they belong to. Let's suppose you have a crush on someone we shell name the person A. If they have the last name too then let it be B and let C be their surname. Note down the Instagram surname navigate to the Instagram login page and click on Forget password?

Now type the username you noted and click on Send Login Link and then next click on send an SMS message( If the user associated a phone number with that account) if you can't find send an SMS message then it's your bad luck because that user didn't link any phone number.
otherwise, a Sent message will pop up in which you can see the last two digits of the linked phone number (Note down it)

Step 2

Now you have the last two digits of the phone number, you have to find the first eight digits. Let's say the last two digits are 75 so there are 99999999 possibilities that are too large. If you take a closer look you will find that Indian numbers usually start with 6,7,8 or 9. So we can eliminate the numbers that start from 0 to 5. Now we are left with 40 million possibilities still it's not even close.

Step 3 

If you google phone number details you will get numerous results. You can choose any website which you like. I personally tested findandtrace.com which gives you basic details of any phone number like the name of the state of the number belonging to, if the number is active or not, the ISP(Internet Service Provider), etc. So with this, we have to create a script that collects the information from the website for all the 40 million numbers, and if you don't know how to code then don't worry you can search for similar scripts on the Internet. 

The logic is simple, let's your crush is from Kerala then you need to collect the number whose state is Kerala and the number is active. If you know the ISP of the number you can include it in the logic too. Once find or coded the script we are talking about then you need to have (RDP) Remote Desktop Protocol to run or execute it because that can take 2 or 3 days to complete the process. You can use Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc. 

We know that there are about 40 million possible numbers ending with 75 throughout India. The population of Kerala is about 35 million. Let's assume 5 million numbers end with 75, also let's say 1 million numbers are active that is someone is using it. It is the worst-case scenario possible because not all the numbers are sold, right? but still, it's large.

Step 4

Again you need to write a script or find it online and this time we need to shortlist numbers based on the names. We know that the person we are looking for is a BC, first name, last name, and surname respectively for this we are going to use truecaller API. We need to collect all the numbers whose name contains A, B, or C. You can find the documentation of API online or you can use any other APIs available online and deploy that script on RDP, it may take hardly 5 to 6 hours to complete

Once the process is completed, Now you have a list of all active numbers that end with 75 and belong to Kerala, and are registered on names A, B, or C. Let's assume out of 1 million numbers we got about 25000 numbers in the worst case possible.

Now from the 25000 possibilities, not everyone is using an Instagram account therefore we need to eliminate all the numbers that don't have an Instagram account. Once again you need to find or code a script to collect the numbers which are registered with Instagram. let's say out of 25000 - 3000 numbers are registered with Instagram accounts considering the popularity of Instagram.

Step 5

Now we are going to make use of an Instagram feature, Profile Suggestions from your contacts and here we again need a script for this, you need an extra mobile, and you have to reset the mobile. Basically, when you export or import any contacts to your mobile it forms the .vcf extension files. If you open this file on Notepad you can find the syntax it follows. So we have to generate a .vcf file using the contacts we shortlisted (3000 Contacts) in the same syntax as the .vcf file.

After that process is completed. Import the contacts file to your mobile create a temporary Instagram account and sync your contacts. Go through the profile suggestions from your contacts you will find the crush profile. Now again reset the device and import half of your contacts that is 1500 and again sync contact on Instagram and find the person's profile if it is not there then check the other 1500 contacts which you have removed.

If you find the person's profile in the suggestion then repeat the process with 750 contacts. So basically we are taking a binary elimination approach to repeat the process again and again 12 to 13 times until you're left with a single number.

I personally didn't try this theory but there is a 90% chance of this method will work if everything goes right. So if you find this information helpful, share it as much as you can, and also make sure to join our Telegram for future posts