How To Find Real Owner Name Of Any Phone Number

If someone calls you from an unknown Phone number or sends SMS messages of blackmailing or harassment then the finding real owner's name is not an easy task until you take legal action, So how to deal with that stranger or how to know the real owner name of any phone number.

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Before diving into this process let's understand the basic information of how things work and whether it is possible to find the real owner name of almost any number.

Every SIM Card (Subscriber Identity Module) must have some legal documents linked with it and whenever a consumer purchases a new SIM card then he/she must have to verify their identity and show govt. valid profs like ID Card, PAN Card, etc.

How to know the real owner name of a Phone Number

Yes, it's possible to know the real owner's name of a phone number but not that easy. Only govt. or Police can do it using a portal provided by telecom companies or by directly contacting their headquarters.

If a normal person wants to know a phone number owner details then there is not any direct way to do it, yes there are some websites that claim that they can find or trace a Phone number but they just give you GSM details that may be not accurate and not useful.

There are many applications like true-caller to find the user name but people are smart enough nowadays and register with a fake name in true-caller applications so if anyone searches their number then a fake name will be shown there.

How to find or trace the real owner's name or location of a Phone Number

Now let's discuss how we can know the possible real name of a phone number owner and how to trace the exact GPS location of any phone number.

There are basically two different ways to know the real name of a Phone number as given below:

Using Net Banking Apps Like UPI:

Yes, everyone uses UPI payments using Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. and these applications also provide an option to pay to phone number feature.

Just click on Pay To Phone or enter that fake or target number there and see if there is an account or name integrated with that number. Almost everyone uses their real or genuine brand name in banking apps so there is a higher chance of finding the real owner name of that number.

Using Facebook/Instagram Find Friends:

Meta platforms like Instagram and Instagram applications can also help you find the real owner name of a Phone Number using their feature of find friends as given below:
  • First, you need to have a fresher android OS or you can also use an android emulator like Bluestacks
  • Save target contact in the android emulator contact book
  • Download and install Instagram/Facebook application
  • Log in with a fake account on Facebook/Instagram
  • Now Go to settings>accounts>find a friend
If that phone number is integrated with a Facebook/Instagram application then it will be shown there.

So these are the two possible ways in my personal opinion to find out the owner or username of a phone number. If you find something interesting in this article then make sure to save bookmarks of our blog for future posts and updates. Have a nice day.