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What is Paywall? And How We Can Bypass It.

You are here reading this article right? and after a few seconds on this page or after reading half article you see h cover which ask you to purchase a subscription to access the complete article, That's known as a paywall, and some websites like Medium you need to pay for a subscription to get complete access.

So now let's see how it is possible to bypass this type of paywalls. Every website publisher must have to index their content or post articles on google so they provide a non-paywall version of their content to google crawlers or robots to index it on google. If somehow you get access to that non-paywall version then you can read the complete posts without any subscription.

12ft Ladder

12th ladder website can access this non-paywall version of posts to you for free and you can directly copy-paste any article URL there and read the full article. I hope this information is helpful for you and make sure to join our Telegram channel for free stuff.

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