Metasploit 6 In Any Android No Error | 2022 Working Method|

So it's 2022 and Metasploit version 6 is showing errors when we try to launch it after successful installation and when a read through some websites and Metasploit Termux GitHub repo(s) I end up with errors and some websites claim that Metasploit framework version 6 support android 10 or above. So coming to the point, today I'll guide or show you how actually you can install Metasploit 6 on your android easily and efficiently simple way. 

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First of all, let's clear things up more deeply, Basically, official install Metasploit on android is not available and some scripts available on GitHub can install Metasploit in android 10 only but in this guide, we provide you the best alternative way to run Metasploit smoothly on any android by setup a Linux Terminal on your Termux (Not Full Linux GUI).

Install Linux Terminal (No GUI)

So first of all we have to install and setup the Linux terminal on Termux by using the commands given below:
apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
pkg install wget openssl-tool proot -y && hash -r && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EXALAB/AnLinux-Resources/master/Scripts/Installer/Kali/kali.sh && bash kali.sh
chmod +x start-kali.sh && ./start-kali.sh
Now you successfully get Kali on Termux and need to install Metasploit
apt update -y
apt upgrade -y
apt install metasploit-framework
 It may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the installation of the Metasploit Framework

You can type "exit" to close kali and the files of kali stored in the kali-fs directory and whenever you want to use MSF then just start kali and type "msfconsole' to launch it.

I hope this method works for you and if you want to learn complete android hacking from scratch to an advanced level then click here and don't forget to join our Telegram Community.