How To Recover Or Get Back Instagram Account After Phishing

If someone tricked your or any of your friends using the widely used hacking technique phishing in which the attacker sends a message or mail containing a malicious link (fake login page) to trick the victim to enter ID & Password or credentials. So today I'll completely guide you on how this all stuff works and how you can recover or get back your account after phishing.

How does Phishing work?

Before knowing "How to recover an Instagram account" we should need to know how actually phishing works. The attacker sends a malicious link to the victim and somehow tricks them to enter their credentials or password. 

Once the victim enters their details, later the attacker receives that information and accesses the victim's account. Now attacker changes the password of the user account and makes complete access to that account.

How to recover back account after phishing

Sometimes the attacker didn't change the password of the victim's account to spy on their chats or messages so in this case victim can change their password before the attacker and take access from the attacker by following steps:
  • Go to Instagram settings<Security
  • Now click on "Password" and you'll receive an email or SMS with a reset password link.

How to recover an Instagram account after Email/Password Changed

If the attacker changed the password of the victim's account then probably the attacker removed your recovered phone number or registered email from the victim's account. Now we have the only option to contact the Instagram Team and verify your documents.
  • Click your selfie video holding a government-approved document
  • Go to the Instagram login page and click on forget password
  • Enter your Email or Phone number and click on next.
  • If everything fails then click on need more help and once you reached the contact form then describe your problem in the given text box and upload your video in the upload section.
Now you have to wait 2-3 working days until Instagram reviews your details and verifies your identity, after that you successfully get back your account.

How To Secure In Future From Being Hacked?

Instagram provides multiple security features to prevent their users from being hacked, you should have to enable that all as given below:
  • Enable Tow-Factors Authentication in settings<security
  • Register your Email and Phone number in your account
  • Don't enter your passwords on third-party websites for free likes or followers.
And the most important thing is you have to stay updated with cyber security because "stupidity is the biggest vulnerability" I hope this information is helpful for you, join our Telegram channel for future posts.