How To Use Android As A Super Spy Device

Did you ever watched and science fiction or technology-related movie in which a guy has a device that can be used as a spy device, you can also turn your android into a powerful spy device that can be very helpful in different situations or purposes.

Before diving into this guide let me introduce you to the tricks that you can do using your spy android as given below:

  1. Use android as Hidden Web Cam and access from any other device
  2. Secretly Record Videos or Take Picture
  3. Lock any application on your device and if someone tries to unlock it using the wrong password then it automatically takes a front camera snap.

Android As A Spy Camera

If you want to monitor or spy on your room then your old android can be very helpful in this situation, you can use android as a web Cam to spy at any particular location where you hide or place your device using the following method:
  • Download IP Web Cam Application on your android (Play Store Link)
  • Install and open the application then scroll down and click on start server 
  • Your device camera will start and broadcast live visuals on an IP address
  • Note down the complete IP address with port and click on the action then run in the background
  • Now place the device where you want to monitor and you can open that IP address in any browser to see a live webcam
Note: Internet connection must be required for that spying device

Let's move to the next trick...

Android Secret Video Recorder

If you want to record a video from your device camera but don't want to show the people that you're recording something into your device then this trick can be very helpful for you.
  • Download and install the secret video recorder application on your device (Play Store Link)
  • Open the application and allow camera permission
  • On the next screen click on start recording and you can stop recording from the notification bar.
  • You can also create a shortcut to record videos automatically using this application
Now you can record videos hiddenly, let's move to the next trick...

Android Third Eye For Incorrect Passwords

If you want to know if someones try to unlock your device screen lock by guessing or without knowing you then this trick is really helpful for you in which the device automatically clicks the front camera snap will someone enters the wrong password or pattern to unlock the screen lock of your android.
  • Download the Third Eye application (Play Store Link)
  • Open the application and allow all the required permissions and settings
  • You can set the number of attempts required to take a snap
After you pick your device and see if someones try to unlock it and also you can see the picture of the person who'll try to do it.

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