Get Free SSL Certificate For Any Hosting From Cloudflare For Lifetime

Cloudflare comes with many advantages like DDoS protection, Redirection, Improve Speed, Email Routing, etc. for completely free and you can also redirect your website HTTP to HTTPS for free using Cloudflare.

If you have a website that doesn't have any SSL certificate and this impacting on your website's SEO because nowadays browsers like chrome, firefox, etc. block the users from accessing HTTP unsecured websites, and also visitors hesitate while browsing your website. Here you can use Cloudflare's free SSL service for redirecting your HTTP website to secure HTTPS completely free of cost.

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First of all, you have to create a Cloudflare account and you can also use your Gmail to Sign UP or log in, and after successful log In just visit your dashboard and follow the given procedure:

  • Click on Add a site option and enter your website domain
  • Now you have to enter Cloudflare's Name Servers to your Domain's DNS and you have to visit your Domain provider's website to do it
Once you successfully set up the Name servers then wait a few minutes and you'll receive an email from Cloudflare regarding the successful register your website now you can use Cloudflare's services on your website.
  • No go to Cloudflare Dashboard and click on your domain (show active) in the website section
  • See the list of services on the right side and click on SSL/TLS option
  • Now you have to select the Flexible option from the given options of encryption mode.
  • Enable SSL/TLS 
Now you have successfully enabled the HTTPS for all links of your website and you can also select another mode of encryption but make sure it works for you because some free hosting provider websites don't allow Full encryption mode.

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