Best Websites For Step By Step Hacking Tutorials

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet that post step by step hacking tutorials and every website has there own style of representing its content and tries to improve the quantity as well as the quality of written content so their readers can better understand it in an easy way.

In this article, I'll introduce you to some websites that really helped me in my starting days of learning to hack, and hope you also find them interesting.

If someone asks me for the best low-competition and high-demanding future skill then I strongly recommend the skill of hacking and pen-testing because every industry like Medical, Technical, Mechanical, etc. dependent on technology to work faster, reach global markets, has more flexibility, etc.

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Increasing the demand for Technology the number of online risks of hacking also increased. Everything which is connected to the Internet must have a unique IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) and every small and big company also has its websites, online stores, etc. and everything is developed using coding.

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According to “Black Hat Python” book by Justin Seitz every 1000 lines of code contains at least 10 to 100 vulnerabilities that may cause a successful hack.  Even our operating systems like windows, android, iOS, Linux, etc. are also coded with millions of lines so there are very higher chances of vulnerabilities, and 100% secure systems are not even possible.

Websites For Hackers

There are thousands of websites that post about ethical hacking and pen-testing and e-learning platforms to teach hacking lesions but in this article, I’ll introduce you to some really helpful websites from there I learned lots of things and still read their latest tutorials and blogs.

Wonder How To Null-Bytes

The best hacking and pen-testing tutorial is available on this site with practical video tutorials. You will find almost any hacking attack or method article guide there with complete details. This is the most recommended site by me personally and I also visit there and like to read their latest posts.

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Spyboy Blog

When I just started to learn hacking then this website is the first love of me, there you will find beginner hacking tutorials and computer and mobile tips & tricks. It is a very classic website with ethical hacking, android tricks, iPhone tricks, and windows tips, and tricks.

Hackersking Community

The Hackersking community is our forum website and online platform where you can register with your hidden name and privacy and also can read and post different types of hacking content in their sections.

We have also provided secret chat rooms, points, trophies, etc. services for improving your experience with our forum. You'll be promoted on the basis of your activities and the content/posts provided by you.

I hope this information is helpful for you and if you are passionate about learning ethical hacking from scratch then must try our eBook guide for hacking also join our Telegram channel and never miss any new posts.