Top Pen-testing Android Apps Of 2023 (No Root)

 What are Hacking tools and software? 

Hacking is the process of using various types of tools or technology in the form of computer programs and scripts to get access to unauthorized data for the security measures of a computer system or network. 

Hacking tools and software are nothing but just computer programs or complex types of scripts designed by developers that are used by hackers to know the weaknesses in computer OS, various web applications as well as servers and networks. Many employers, especially in the banking sector, are using ethical hacking tools to secure their data from attackers. Hacking tools are available either in open-source form (freeware or shareware) or in commercial solutions. One can also download such tools from the browser especially if someone wants to use them for malicious purposes. 

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Mobile hacking apps break or crack the security measures of a software system by penetrating or interfering with the security layout. They perform network security assessments too.

Android hacking apps are application packages ready to install in a device, APK, and can modify HTML responses. Some apps have features to identify the weak links in the security of a system, control WiFi, lock screen widget, and map devices.

Some of the best hacking tools and apps

1. Apk Editor

APK Editor is an Android hacking app that allows users to edit the APK (Android Package Kit) file of an app or game on their device. It can be used to modify the app's resources, such as its images, layout, and strings, as well as its code. It can also be used to change the app's permissions, remove ads, and make other modifications. Some APK editors also allow users to create new apps by editing existing ones.

2. AndroRAT

AndroRAT is a Windows-based tool for users who want simple and efficient software to control Android devices remotely. One can activate the software and connect their tablet or smartphone to the system the app is downloaded on. Then, the software allows users to add a port number or IP address to connect to the secondary device remotely.  The programs run on Java, which the developers used to upgrade the software from the previous version. The newer version comes with rich features like GPS location monitoring, contact information checking, access to a list of all sent/received messages, call logs checking, taking camera photos, and more.

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3. Aircrack-ng | Wi-Fi Cracking

Wi-Fi networks are usually secured with passwords. This is to ensure that no unknown device is able to connect to the network without entering the correct keyphrase. These passwords are encrypted using various algorithms, such as WPA, WPA-2, and WEP.

Aircrack-ng is a decryption software that aims to assess the network security of a Wi-Fi network by evaluating the vulnerabilities of the passwords used to secure it. Passwords with low-to-medium complexity can easily be cracked via this software or Linux utility.

4.  L0phtCrack | System Hacking

You will find password-protected systems on almost every organizational network. Having them is essential to ensure that no unauthorized person gets access to the network. Sometimes, these passwords can be weak in nature and be easily cracked by third-party software.

L0phtCrack is one such utility that is used to deduce the password of the target system with the help of a plethora of algorithms, which include dictionary attacks, brute-force attacks, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables. This hacking tool uses password hashes and matches different password combinations to reverse engineer the correct password. With this, security experts can find out if any accounts with weak passwords exist in their domain. Commonly used passwords, such as “123,” “password,” or “admin,” can be instantly cracked with a proper algorithm. If any password appears weak to the concerned authority, they can simply change the password or ask the operator of the vulnerable device to change it. This is incredibly important to prevent any operating system account breaches through networking and to block unauthorized personnel from physical access to a workstation.

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5. cSploit

 It is the best hacking app for new hackers because it would allow them to learn new techniques

cSploit is a penetration testing tool that enables scanning local hosts and WiFi networks. It has a friendly UI and is easy to navigate. It is one of the best Android hacking apps for Android smartphones

It scans them and detects vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system. cSploit has dozens of free network tools and helps you access network traffic in real time.