Top 25 Super Powerful Search Engines Ever For Cyber Security

Search engines play a major role in different stages of pen-testing and ethical hacking. From gathering information about your target to discovering hidden directories and files that may be indexed on search engines.

Even many bug bounties are grabbed by security experts or bug hunters just by using search engines like Shodan and using some Dorking techniques.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the top 25 search engines on the Internet that was really helpful for hackers and security around the world.

Below I have created a list of 25 Cybersecurity Search Engines that everyone should know about in the InfoSec community.

1. Shodan

Search for devices connected to the internet 

2. Wigle

Database of wireless networks, with statistics.

3. GreyNoise

Search for devices connected to the internet.

4. VirusTotal

Analyse suspicious files, domains, IPs, and URLs to detect malware.

5. URL Scan

Free service to scan and analyse websites.

6. Vulners

Search for vulnerabilities in a large database.

7. WayBackMachine

View content from deleted websites or take a deep dive into the history of the web.

8. Netlas

Search and monitor internet connected assets.


Collects cyber-threat intelligence data.


Search and discovery attack surfaces.


Search across a half million git repos.

12.CRT sh

Search for certs that have been logged by CT.


Search public S3 buckets.

14. AlienVault

Open Threat Intelligence Community.

15. BinaryEdge

Scans the internet for threat intelliegence.


Reverse Image Search.

17.OSINT Framework

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Framework website, some links don’t work anymore but it’s still a good website.

18. Hunter.io

Search for email addresses belonging to a website.

19. LeakIX

Search publicly indexed information.

20. IntelligenceX

Search Tor, I2P, Data Leaks, Domains and Emails.

21. DNSDumpster

DNS Recon & Research, Find & Lookup DNS Records.

22. ExploitDB

Archive of Various Exploits.

23. CVE

The CVE website was created to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

24. PulseDive

Search for threat intelligence.

25. Packet Storm Security

Browse the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.

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