Host Website Using Cloudflare Page For Completely Free

We posted many articles and guides related to the topic “
Create WordPress Website For Free” or “Get Free SSL Certificate For Lifetime” but in today’s article I promise you, by the end of this article you have your first free website and you can also share the link of it to anyone or friends.

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How To Create a Free Website

First of all, you need to create an account on the Cloudflare website to access this free service web hosting. Once your account was successfully created on Cloudflare, follow the given steps.

1. Click On the Collapse sidebar to see available options.

2. Scroll down to the Pages option (Flash icon).

3. Now you have to click on Create a Project and a drop-down menu opened.

4. Tap on the Direct Upload option from the menu.

5. Now enter your website name in the Project name and click on Create Project

6. Now you have to upload the source code (You can select a zip file also but I recommend you to directly select the Folder containing your website)

7. Click on Deploy site.

Done, now you can access your website with the given link and also can set up a custom domain.

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Note: You can only upload source code of single-page websites including HTML, CSS, and JS.

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