Secretly Spy On Any Instagram Account With Detailed PDF Reports

We recently posted articles about “Find Someone’s Instagram Account Using A Photo” and “Cyber Stalker For Social Engineering Scammers And Blackmailers,” but in today’s article, we will introduce you to some underground websites that you should try.

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Secretly Spy On Anyone Instagram Account

“Why would anyone want to spy on anyone's Instagram account?” There were several reasons for spying on an Instagram account, like secretly spying on your crush, analyzing competitors' accounts, etc. 

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some websites that can spy on any Instagram account and even give you complete analysis reports of a given account, like what posts rank most, the maximum reach of a particular post, the maximum likes and comments, etc.

So I think you get my point here, so let's dive into this fantastic article without wasting more time.


As their name states, “Instagram Stories," this website is basically an Instagram story viewer tool that helps you view and download Instagram stories anonymously without any registration and doesn’t ask for any Instagram credentials.

You can search and view Instagram accounts, stories, posts, hashtags, and videos for an indefinite period of time and totally free of charge.

Not Just Analytics

This website is for influencers and content creators who like to analyze their competitors' Instagram handles and find out what works for them. This website provides the following features.

PDF Report: Analyze Instagram profiles and download detailed PDF reports. Add your logo and email them automatically to your clients.

Manage your customers: Analyze your clients' data insights, no password is required.

Control your profile: Analyze stories, insights, and business insights (up to 6 months in the past).

Social Searcher

It is a real-time social media monitoring website that allows you to monitor all public social mentions on social networks and the web.

Actionable Social Analytics

Analyze and assess the performance of your content across different platforms with the help of various charts and generated reports. Check up on the spikes in user activity and manage the crisis before it goes viral.

Audience Insights

Get to know your target audience's behavioral triggers: preferred post types, weekdays, and times for publishing, as well as the most popular posts and social channels.

Popular Hashtags

Explore the top hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks that engage your potential customers. Start adopting trending hashtags into the marketing strategy to boost the users' reach.

Sentiment Analysis

Customers are getting more and more used to sharing negative experiences about products or services on social networks rather than informing companies directly. Distill negative feedback and react proactively to reduce the overall viral effect.

Social Influencers

Do you have established authority in your niche? Start your next outreach campaign with a list of the most popular users or websites. Bring up new ideas for your content marketing strategy by monitoring influencers' activity for some time and getting meaningful data about their tactics over the long run.