Cyber stalker For Accessing Mic, Camera and GPS Location Of Anyone Online


We recently posted articles about “Find Phone Number Linked With An Instagram Account” and “Gather Information Of Your Instagram Followers” but in today’s article, we will introduce you to a powerful web-application-based social engineering tool that can help you in catching a fake account user of social stalker online.

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Suppose a fake account user sending messages to you on Instagram and you want to know the real identity of that fake account user then here comes the Social Stalker that can give you details of that person like Device, IP, Location, Camera Snap, Mic Recording, etc. if you somehow manage that person to open a URL you send.

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Social Stalker

It is a web-application-based tool that one can host on their local or cloud server to generate social engineering Urls for hacking the Mic, Camera, and Exact GPS location of victims who opens a phishing link.


Web Hosting (000Webhost or Freehosting)

Cyber Stalker Files (Download Link Given Below)

You have to wait 45 seconds.

Generating Working Download Link...


Just upload cyberstalker files on your web server/hosting and access live URl.

If you don’t know how to use 000webhost or Freehosting sites then don’t worry just read this guide.

Once you successfully hosted the cyberstalker tool on your server, now it’s time to access the control panel by login in with the following credentials given below.

Username: admin  Password: admin

Features Of Social Stalker

Social Stalker provides you 4 different URLs as given below:

  • Camera Access
  • Mic Access
  • Normal Data Access
  • GPS Location Access
  • Weather (GPS Location Access)

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