Instaloader For Downloading Instagram Reels/Posts At Once

In recent weeks, I've seen many ads on Instagram related to earning thousands of rupees per month using your mobile and Instagram. After reading more details, I find out that they are selling a bundle of Instagram Reels (Motivational, Health, AI, etc.) that may contain hundreds of High-Quality reels related to specific topics.

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They claim that anyone can buy their bundle, create a new page on Instagram, and start uploading that reel to gain thousands of followers with very little effort.

So in this article, I’ll show you how to download any public Instagram page Reels/Post using a single command. This method is completely free, and the tools used for this process are also open sources.

How To Download All Reels Of Instagram Account At Once

First of all, you need to have Kali Linux and a good Internet connection, depending on the number of posts/reels on your target Instagram account.

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Open the Kali Linux terminal and run the following commands:

sudo pip3 install instaloader
instaloder profile <type-target-username-here>

You can explore help options to use this tool more accurately as per your needs, type the following command to read help options on your terminal.


Note: This information is only for educational and demonstration purposes. Ask for permission from the original owner of Posts/Reels before posting them on your Instagram because he/she may take legal action against you.

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