Now WhatsApp Allow You Send High Quality Images Directly

users have always demanded a feature to send images without compression or quality loss. The High-Quality photo-sharing feature aims to fulfill those demands.

The feature lets you send high-resolution media files within the app without reducing their quality. The only catch is that turning on the High-Quality photo-sharing feature won’t send original-quality photos; minor compression will still be applied.

Before the HD Photo option, the default option on WhatsApp for media files was always Standard Quality’, and there was no option to change it.

How To Send High-Quality Photos on WhatsApp

As we know, the High photo-sharing feature is only available on the WhatsApp Beta version.

Also, the feature is rolling out gradually to the WhatsApp Beta. If you want to use it, you must ensure you are using the WhatsApp beta for iOS and 

Android beta version

Important: We have used an Android smartphone to demonstrate the steps. iPhone users must follow the same steps to share high-quality photos on WhatsApp.

1. Open the Google Play Store and Search for WhatsApp.

2. Open the WhatsApp Beta app listing and tap the Update button.

3. After updating the app, open it on your smartphone and select the chat where you want to share photos in HD.

4. Now tap the (+) icon in the chat field to open all available options.

5. Now select the Gallery and choose your photo.

6. Select the photo you want to send in the chat. At the top, tap on the ‘HD‘ icon.

7. You will see a new Photo Quality Prompt. Select HD Quality and tap on the Done button.

8. The image will be sent to the chat with an HD tag.

That’s it! This is how you can send HD Photos on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone.

While the feature allows you to share photos with better quality by preserving their dimension, it still has a few flaws. There’s no option to set ‘HD Quality’ for all uploaded photos as of now.

So, you will have to select the HD Quality option whenever you want to share a new photo with better quality.