Denial Of Service HTTP, SMS, TCP, etc. Using Quack In Kali Linux

When we talk about hacking and cyber attacks, then many terms come into discussion like Bruteforce, Phishing, Botnet, etc. because they are widely used hacking techniques and thousands of one command/click tools are available to perform these attacks even if someone doesn’t have any hacking skills.

Denial of services is one of the most used terms in web application exploiting or pen-testing and is widely used to take down servers and websites from the Internet.

A simple definition of Denial Of Services (DOS) is a cybercrime attack in which the attacker floods the web server with internet traffic and it results in a server being down and prevents others from accessing that server or site.

So now let’s see how you can perform this attack using the Qauck tool this information is only for educational purposes to demonstrate the DOS attack for better understanding to protect your site or server from such attacks.

Cyberstalker Web Application-Based Social Engineering Tool


Quack is a toolkit to provide denial of service attacks including SMS, TCP, UDP, HTTP, and many other protocols. Follow the instructions and commands given below:

git clone https://github.com/ShamOps/quack
cd quack && chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

Now wait until the installation process is completed and then type the following command to see the helping commands of quack.

quack -h

Example of the SMS attack

quack --tool SMS –target 12345576776 –timeout 10 –threads 10

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