How To Find Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile (Technical Way)

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Instagram is the leading tech giant on the Internet and daily thousands of new accounts are created and disabled on it. People use this social media platform to share their pictures, videos, and moments with their friends and relatives to keep in touch with each other.

Instagram is more than just a social media platform and helped millions of people to make their businesses successful and share their talent and passion with others and make their fan following.

By the end of this article, I promise you, that you’ll get your 100% confirmed answer to any questions in your mind like the following:

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Can We Actually See Who Visited My Profile?

In terms of technical fact, it’s near to impossible to know who just visited or viewed your Instagram profile and the websites and apps(including paid) are completely fake and steal your important data by making you allow pop-up permission or installing malware on your device or system.

As everything has many advantages and disadvantages, similarly Instagram can also be a reason for cyber crimes like cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

The people who use the Instagram app by creating an account to just stalk someone's activities like what their victim is posting and doing is known as Cyberstalking.

This is generally a crime and Instagram provided a “private account” feature to deal with such cyber crimes in which user can change their account to private and only their accepted followers can see their Instagram posts. Stories, videos, etc.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Account (Technically)

To know who visited or viewed your Instagram profile there so no official feature provided by Instagram due to privacy and security reasons. If your Instagram account is public (anyone can see your posts and reels) then you may see if an unknown account views your account story(if you posted any) otherwise if he/she just visited your profile highlights, post, and reels then it may not possible to catch him until he does like on your post/reel.

There are some tricks that you may can perform to find out of someone visited your Instagram profile but it may not give you complete details like username or full name.

You’ll get notifications and details of visitor IP address, Location, Device Name, etc. This is kind of geeky method so you need to have some technical knowledge to implement this or hire your techy friend to do it for you.


If you have both of the above requirements (required for once) then follow the given steps:

Step1. You have to create an account on Discord

Step2. Extract/Clone R4ven python script on your Linux

Step3. Type commands:

cd r4ven
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 r4ven.py

enter your discord webhook URL (set up a channel in your discord server with webhook integration)

why discord webhook? Conveniently, you will receive a notification when someone clicks on the link.

Note: You need to do port forwarding and make your system active with an Internet connection (RDP Recommend) to use this method


You can also host this tool on web hosting (but the notification feature doesn’t work) if you don’t have RDP.

How To Download Anyone Instagram Data Using Linux


Suppose you have an private Instagram account and don’t usually Interact with random people and in comments then this method is best suited for you.

You have to add the above-generated URL in your profile BIO and if random people visit your account and click on that then you’ll get their IP, Location, User agent, etc. details that are stored on your hosted server in text format.

You can check the text files once or twice a week and filter out things according to your assumptions.

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