US Military Organizing Competition For Hacking Satellite In Space

The Hack-A-Set 4 competition was organized by the US Military for testing the security flows of a satellite known as Moonlighter by a group of hackers around the world.

Eight hacker teams from different places like the US, Australia, Germany, etc. emerged from the April qualifiers and more than 350 teams registered for this competition to prove their ability and get a chance to be highlighted in the world.

This competition is going to be held in Las Vegas during Defcon. These groups of hackers are basically ethical hackers also known as white hat hackers pentest the security on behalf of their owners to identify and report vulnerabilities for prevention from future cyber attacks.

This competition was organized by the US Air Force Research Laboratory and is the first time this occasion has been performed on a satellite that has remained down on Earth, but this year in Space while orbiting satellite.

The Moonlighter (Satellite) is designed to be vulnerable to hacker attacks and another reason behind this competition is to find a team of hackers that have higher skills than other teams. The Moonlighter has the size of a toaster and has several security flows that can lead to a complete hack. 

For example, the Moonlighter can be controlled remotely and may have remote administrator access to reboot, restart, and may able to change almost functions.