How To Find Someone Location And Real Identity On Omegle | Without Sending Links

Omegle is a free online video and message chat platform that allows you to talk with strange people around the world and you don't need to register to use it. Unlike other applications and websites, you don't need to earn any coins or points, meaning you'll have unlimited access to it without seeing any ads.

If you're someone who searching for "How to know the location of someone on Omegle" or "how to know the real identity of Omegle users" then you're at the right place, in this article, I'll explain to you the best working ways that people use to find someone real identity or location while talking on Omegle.

By the end of this article, you'll find answers to these questions:

  • How to know someone's real name on Omegle
  • How to find someone location on Omegle
  • How to find someone's real identity on Omegle
  • How to trace someone's location on Omegle
and yes, we are not going to use any links or social engineering techniques here. Just all you need to have some geeky mindset.

Find Location By Using Omegle Location Finder: Google Chrome Extension

There is a Google Chrome extension Chromegle. Download and install this Chrome extension in your Google Chrome browser and you can see the IP and details of every user you'll connect on Omegle as shown in the screenshot below.

You'll see the approximate location of that user(not so accurate). Now it's time to find their real name and social profiles. 

Find Real Identity Using Their Picture Screenshot ( FaceCheck)

You have to take a screenshot of the user's face picture as clearly as possible for better results to know their original identity then take that screenshot and use Facecheck website to find their social handles to know their real name and other possible available information.
Note: This information is for educational purposes and a demonstration of how hackers can find your real identity on the Internet to make readers more aware of different cyber attacks.