OSINT Emails, Websites, Instagram, etc. Using Infoooze Tool

Information Gathering is the first stage of hacking/pen-testing in which attacker/hacker try to collect as much information as publically available on the Internet. It helps in better understanding our target in case of vulnerability searching and bug hunting process so the attacker/hacker can decide to use right strategies, tools, etc. based on the target technology.

In this article, we will learn about a Open-Source Intelligence based information gathering tool called "Infoooze" that can provide you list of tasks you can perform on target to automate your information gathering process.

Infoooze is a powerful and user-friendly OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) tool that allows you to quickly and easily gather information about a specific target. With Infoooze, you can easily search for information about websites, IP addresses, usernames, and more, all from the convenience of a simple command-line interface.

One of the key features of Infoooze is its ability to work as a global package, allowing you to use it from any directory on your computer.It also has ability to automatically save the results of your searches to a text file. This means that you can easily access and refer to the information you have gathered at a later time.

Infoooze is easy to install and use, making it an ideal tool for anyone looking to gather information quickly and efficiently.

  1. Instagram Recon
  2. Mail Finder
  3. User Recon
  4. Website Age Checker
  5. Subdomain Finder
  6. URL Scanner
  7. Exif Metadata
  8. Whois lookup
  9. Header Info
  10. DNS lookup
  11. UserAgent lookup
  12. Git Recon
  13. DNS lookup
  14. URL Expender
  15. YouTube lookup
  16. Ports Scan
And list is go on. You can install it in your Linux/Termux/Windows using Node package manager (npm) by visiting their official git page or following commands given below for linux users.

sudo apt install npm
sudo npm install infooze -g -s
Now you are able to see Infooze banner and options list with descriptions on your Terminal, just enter the number of option you like to proceed with.

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