Extract Phone Number From Email Address Using Email2Phonenumber

If you want to investigate an email address and want to know what phone number is associated with it then the Email2PhoneNumber tool is the best tool for you it includes hacking techniques like scrapping, generating, and bruteforce and gives you a target phone number.

Before diving into the practical, let's understand the three stages of this process as given below:
  • Scrapping
In this stage, we try to extract the masked phone number(example: 123XXX789) from the victim's email address. Later use this masked phone number in the next stage,
  • Generate
In this stage, we have to generate a wordlist of possible phone numbers with the help of masked phone number.
  • Bruteforce
In this stage, we bruteforce target email using that wordlist and try to find which is a valid associated phone number with that email address.

I hope now you have an understanding of what we are actually going to do and it's time to do some hands-on Linux.
git clone https://github.com/martinvigo/email2phonenumber.git
cd email2phonenumber 
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
If you see any environment error on the terminal then you have to install requirements.txt file packages manually using the following command
sudo apt install python3-<package_name>
python email2phonenumber.py -h
Now all the helping commands are visible on the terminal. Let's take an example email and phone number to demonstrate this tool usage.
python email2phonenumber.py scrape -e example@hackersking.in
Suppose we get a masked phone number: 1234xxx258
python email2phonenumber.py generate -m 1234xxx258 -o wordlist
Now you get a wordlist file in the directory of possible phone numbers
python email2phonenumber.py bruteforce -e example@hackersking.in -m 1234xxx258 -v
Now brute-forcing process will be started and the speed of it depends on your Internet connection and system. It's time to wait until you get the final results or final valid phone number.

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