See Instagram Private Account Posts & Reels Using Instanet On Linux

One of the most asked questions when we talk about Instagram hacking is "How to see private Instagram account posts" Many fake articles are circulating on Google search results that deceive people and earn money by displaying ads on their website.

In this article, I'll show you a technique that attackers or hackers use to see real posts or information about private Instagram accounts. We also see the practical of a tool that can perform those techniques automatically for you and provide you direct links.

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Let's get back to the topic. First of all, we have to understand that directly accessing any private Instagram posts is nearly impossible until there is a critical bug, and if anyone finds that bug then probably he will report it to Instagram and get thousands of dollars in bounty in return, instead of helping you for some coins.

So we can do it in some indirect ways using some techniques of Account cloning, Phishing, OSINT, and Dorking. For now, we only talk about the OSINT and Dorking techniques. 

We use powerful search engines like Google Search Console to see if there is any public information about that private Instagram account indexed as some websites continuously try to gather information about Instagram accounts that were once public for some months and very active about posts and reels.

Instanet is a penetration toolkit designed for Instagram, encompassing various modules. It can perform brute force attacks and also display texts associated with an account. Additionally, it attempts to view hidden profiles using Google's algorithms.

How to works: Google Dorks are special search queries used to find specific information or open to certain types of websites using the Google search engine. These dorks unlock information that would not normally be found in search results and are often used by cybersecurity researchers, web developers, or people searching for information. Instanet is also trying to take advantage of this algorithm.

It has modules as follows:

  • Bruteforce Manual: To perform a bruteforce attack on any Instagram account using your specified wordlist.
  • Bruteforce Auto: To perform a bruteforce attack on any Instagram account using a predefined wordlist.
  • Exploiter OSINT: To gather information about public leaks of public Instagram accounts using Open-source intelligence.
  • Exploiter Beta: To see public mentions and likes by private Instagram using Google Dorking.
  • Secure Tor: To hide your IP address from blocking from Instagram. It is used while you planing to do bruteforce attack.
Let's do some hands-on work using Linux using the given commands:

git clone https://github.com/anezatra/instanet/
cd instanet
sudo python instanet.py

Now you just have to type the option number and give the target username to perform any technique. I hope you find this guide helpful, make sure to save bookmarks for future posts.