WhatsApp Defendor - The WhatsApp Exploitation Framework !

We posted about lots of Hacking or Exploitation frameworks like Socila Engineering Toolkit, Metasploit Framework, QRL Jacker Framework, etc. In this article, I'll introduce you to a new WhatsApp exploitation framework that contains two modules as given below:

  • exploit/windows/whatsapp/session_hijacking
  • exploit/android/whatsapp/grabber_files

Module 1:

The first module is based on the session hijacking technique in which you can create a fake webpage and trick the victim into scanning the WhatsApp web QR code to get a temporary session of the victim's WhatsApp web.

Module 1:

The second module is based on a small Python file that contains malicious commands and sends victims WhatsApp media files to your defined telegram bot ID and user ID.

Without wasting more time let's dive into practical of this framework using the commands given below:

First of all we have to clone whsp defendor repo on our Linux system.
git clone https://github.com/anezatra/whspdefendor
cd whspdefendor
sudo pip3 install requirements.txt
If you're using the latest version of Linux or their distribution then maybe you'll see an error here about setting up a virtual environment, type the following command to manually install python packages of the requirements.txt file.
sudo apt install python3-<type-package_name>
Once you successfully installed all required python packages, then type the following commands to use whsp defendor.
python whspdefendor.py -h
Now all the helping commands are visible on the screen with their description and usage guide. You have to use it like every other framework by setting up hosts, ports, and drivers as we explained in the WhatsApp Session Hijacking Using QRL Jacker framework article.

Note: This tool is newly developed and may have some bugs and coding errors, this information is for educational purposes and you can join our course to learn complete practical hacking using tools like this and many other important things.

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