Crash Victim Browser By Sending a link

Hello friends we are come back with another trick in which i am going to show you how to crash someone's or your victim browser like chrome safari etc. by just sending him/her a single link and it's work both in android and iso. So without wasting more time let's get started.

How It Works

When hacker send victim a link on social network or in any other way  and the victim try to open it than device browser try to search for the website. But the URL is a loop code that have no end so browser repeatably search for web and hang or crashed in some cases if your victim using old device or old version of browser than its can resat the device or crash. Its depend up on your victim browser and device. The reality is it not a hack or malware its just replicate java script.

Update :-

Now day's android have latest security patches and new update of device comes with new security patches so the damage of this url is depend on victim device security patch and device CPU.

I hop you guy's enjoyed this amazing article and it's helpful for you if you want more hacks and tricks than make sure to connect with us YouTube and Instagram for more updates and if you face any problem then feel free to comment below.

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Mohit Saran(Hacker's King)